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【GW2】LWS Ascended Trinkets/Recipes

Living World Season 3以降で獲得可能なTrinkets, Recipes備忘録。

Ascended Trinkets

緑:S3 HoT statsが選択可*1 赤:S4 PoF statsが選択可*2

  Amulet Ring Acc Back


Bloodstone Fen  

Bloodstone Capacitor

Ember Bay      
Bitterfrost Frontier    
Lake Doric      
Draconis Mons     コレクションBack有
Siren's Landing      
Domain of Istan         クラフトWeapons有
Sandswept Isle     コレクションBack有
Domain of Kourna   ※AttributeはPlaguedoctorのみ
Jahai Bluffs          
Thunderhead Peaks   ※AttributeはDivinerのみ
Dragonfall 〇     
Grothmar Valley          
Bjora Marches *1      
Drizzlewood Coast          


Attribute combinations - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

  Food Nourishment

Inscription, Insignia

Sigil, Rune

Bloodstone Fen        
Ember Bay        
Bitterfrost Frontier

Bowl of Winterberry Seaweed Salad

Winterberry Pie

Winterberry Sorbet

Lake Doric     Seraph  
Draconis Mons  

Magnanimous Sharpening Stone

Magnanimous Maintenance Oil

Magnanimous Tuning Crystal


Superior Sigil of Bounty

Superior Rune of Nature's Bounty

Siren's Landing

Fried Oysters

Fried Oyster Sandwich

Oysters with Cocktail Sauce

Oysters with Spicy Sauce

Oysters with Zesty Sauce

Oysters Gnashblade

Domain of Istan   Corsair Tuning Crystal

Corsair Maintenance Oil

Corsair Sharpening Stone


Superior Rune of the Stars

Superior Sigil of the Stars

Sandswept Isle Bowl of Poultry Satay

Plate of Beef Rendang

Avocado Smoothie

Domain of Kourna      


Jahai Bluffs        
Thunderhead Peaks    


Grothmar Valley        
Bjora Marches        
Drizzlewood Coast        


  • Blood Ruby Band, Blood Ruby Band
  • Attuned Blood Ruby Band(Infused), Attuned Blood Ruby Band(Infused)


  • Blood Ruby Band, Black Ice Band(異なるアイテム同士)
  • Blood Ruby Band(Infused), Attuned Blood Ruby Band(Infused) (Attuned, Infused属性が一致していないため同一アイテムと見做されない)

大半のAscended trinketはUnique属性ですが、例外としてPvP/WvWのMist~シリーズとRaid trinketはUnique属性が付いていません。よってそれらは同一アイテムでも2つ同時に装着することができます。

*1:Marauder, Vigilant, Crusader, Wanderer, Viper, Seraph, Trailblazer, Minstrel

*2:Harrier, Swashbuckler, Avatar, Grieving, Wizard, Marshal

*1:The Hunger完了後にクエスNPCから購入可能

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